Bound by Flame is the new action-RPG from Spiders and Focus Entertainment and it presents four difficulty game modes, each one with a very specific game style. Here’s an extensive guide unveiling the best ways to make tons of gold easily and fast.
We love making up games and game ideas and predictions, we’ve done it for E3 2010 (Eventually most of the games on that list did come true), 2011 and 2012 and forgot 2013. Since E3 is pretty much the big day for gaming, it usually comes with a boatload of titles that will be announced. We usually know some by rumors or leaks but sometimes they throw a curve ball. Either way these are the Top Ten
SpawnFirst discusses the delightful and vibrant foods and drinks found in our video games, and we've found a trove of sites who have recreated them in real life for us to enjoy. Bon appetit!
The freshly released details regarding Destiny’s game modes, points towards a completely different direction. The five game modes appeal to originality and innovation but after a close analysis, I concluded that they're simply masking a tough reality. So far, Destiny appears to be nothing more than a traditional MMO.
Demoniac is probably the best word to define Bound by Flame, the upcoming action-RPG game from Spiders and Focus Entertainment, since the whole game revolves around the protagonist and his inner demon. But the real question is. What does it take to be a demon?
WildStar is entering its open beta test phase tomorrow and it will last ten days, starting on Thursday 8th May through 18th May. The launching will count with several development live streams with the main purpose to discuss the state of the game. Additionally, Carbine Studios wants to explain how “Wildstar is going to take the MMO category by storm.”
Bound by Flame is hitting the gaming market in two days, on May 9 and Spiders, the game developer, has finally explained the upcoming Demon system. This feature will shape the entire story and the hero itself. As the narrative progresses, Vulcan the game’s protagonist, will have the opportunity to exchange part of his humanity for devastating powers.
I’ve always had this love for war. Not War, but information on War. I love being educated on wars and events, movies inspired by war and games too. I’m also against guns which is pretty funny considering. The first games I use to play that really felt like being in a war zone was Medal of Honor, after watching Saving Private Ryan I really felt like playing a war game. Now this sounds crazy but it