Telltale Games has published several screenshots previewing the events of the next episode, In Harm’s Way, where apparently Clementine and Sarah will separate from the rest of the group. Will they become the new heroines?
In Harm’s Way is the next and third episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. There’s still no official release date announced for this episode but it should be out before summer. After being captured by Carver and his squad, the cabin group is in big trouble. They’re back to the old facility led by Carver and their fate is not the brightest.
Focus Interactive revealed today, in great detail, the importance of companions in Bound by Flame. More than battle heroes, companions will have the power to alter the course of events, depending on players’ decisions.
Vulcan is the protagonist of Bound by Flame and he’ll be possessed by a flame demon, who will grant him incredible powers in exchange for his humanity. But Vulcan can’t save the world alone, he needs a group of skilled warriors to assist him in every battle.
A new month is ahead of us and the excitement rises with the imminent arrival of numerous highly anticipated titles. May 2014 will be a month extremely rich in genre diversity and next-gen content.
Leviathyn muses on why sometimes it's worth playing games that are flawed, unpolished or mediocre, and why these games can sometimes be more worthwhile than their more polished, AAA counterparts.
This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Prurient. Prurient’s status as a lifelong gamer can never be questioned as she has several video game related tattoos including a pretty sweet one of Samus on her arm. I sat down with her to talk about tattoos, video games, anime, and how awesome it is to be a nerd.
Bound by Flame, a promising action-RPG from Spiders, will be available this Friday, May 9. To celebrate this important week the game's publisher Focus Interactive has launched a final teaser video featuring one of the most important elements in game, the hero's relationship with his inner flame demon and all the decisions he can induce in the upcoming storyline.