A new action screenshot of Destiny has been published by Bungie today and it features the upcoming alien species, the Vex.
BioWare’s Creative Director Mike Laidlaw announced today that equipment will be customizable, confirming the rumors that both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II armor systems will differ from Inquisition’s.
If you don’t know why you should play this game, then here are the top five reasons that make this game absolutely worth playing.
A new action screenshot has been published and it exposes a stunning environment. This imagery piece clarifies any doubts regarding The Division's graphics and effect quality.
Carbine Studios announced today that the following WildStar’s beta weekend, 18th-20th April, will be accessible for everyone with a beta key. This means that WildStar’s pre-order is not a restriction for this event.
Animation Director Colin Graham and his team used the additional time to solve this "big data problem" and create advanced rules to realistically organize citizens all over the city.
Bungie has unveiled today one of the main stations of the upcoming sci-fi action role-playing game, Destiny.
Dragon Age Inquisition will be quite different from the previous two games in many ways. The open world element will be one of the most enthusiastic and anticipated features of Inquisition and despite all its richness, depth and massive dimension, the game “won’t be as open as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”.