Titanfall is the most fun I have had since Unreal Tournament 2004. Wall running and double jumping my way into rooms to take over a hardpoint is so smooth and effortless, and calling in Titans and battling other titans while dashing around is epic and entertaining, but we have had games with jetpacks and mechs before, so why is Titanfall so amusing? The reason is simplicity. While other games are
Fergus and Cameron put on their detective caps and predict where Telltale's The Wolf Among Us is headed.
Daav from NoobFeed dishes out the details of The Elder Scrolls Online, now that the NDA has lifted. This Beta gameplay is looking extensive, so far. There is, in fact, a ton of activity in this massively multiplayer online experience.
Daav from NoobFeed tackles the beginnings of The Elder Scrolls Online's Beta event. After a mostly linear tutorial where the ropes are learned, it's time for an expansive adventure with a million things to do.
Daav from NoobFeed hasn't forgotten those who are overlooked in the resolution wars of 1080p/720p vs 30fps/60fps. For the ones running small PC rigs, here's what The Elder Scrolls Online looks like on minimum graphics settings. With everything turned off, it's like a Lego MMO.
GG3 picks up the news of developer Milestone releasing their first developer diary for MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame. In their release, they're proud to also append the use of a female character to it. The result of that is not that noteworthy though.
GG3 recaps the NIS America event that announced a ton of new games coming to Europe and America in 2014. Any overlooked material can be found here with artwork, screenshots and videos.
Daav from NoobFeed plays some Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and discusses its main elements, as well as a few things that may be overlooked in this huge cinematic experience. Both combat and platform elements are here.