Expectation of this years E3 have been leaked and we can now see what to expect from Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo this year!
Leviathyn reviews the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us, another entry that fails to match the high standard set by its predecessor.
The Evil Within has been pushed back a month and will now be releasing on Oct. 21. The delay will allow time to further polish the game.
Raven Software has consistently put out well-loved cult classics for more than a decade now and they've yet to have a big mainstream hit. To help make up for that Leviathyn is shining a spotlight on this great studio in its first entry in a new series, Developer Spotlight.
The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 "In Sheep's Clothing" will be available on May 27 and May 28 according to a new launch trailer released by Telltale Games today. "In Sheep's Clothing" will be the penultimate episode in the series.
The new gameplay trailer shows off the Batmobile in action, the titular Arkham Knight and offers a brief glimpse into the story.
Far Cry 4 has been announced for a November 18th release date for later this year and since then the box art has seemed to gain the most uproar. The title has been under a lot of scrutiny as the art work depicts a light skin toned man sitting atop a headless statue with his hand resting on a darker skin tone man on his knees acting as a servant of some sort.
Monolith Productions have revealed a new gameplay trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The trailer details the weapon upgrades system. More will likely be shown at E3.