GG3 recaps the deal currently shuttering the internet as concisely as possible. Megacorp Facebook is set to buy out Oculus Rift and while that involves some technical stuff, a .gif will do to explain its essence.
The only thing that really needs to be said about Dark Souls II is that it’s more of the same. The game keeps everything which worked in the original. It remains hard as nails, improves and expands upon previous aspects without ever losing sight of what it needs to be, and is an all around solid title. The only real failings come from its increasingly overblown reputation and the various communit
GG3 writes: "Manufacturer Level Up Wear is teaming up with games again to release a range of official Titanfall gear for its premium items. Previously, the company already did so with a primo selection of Bethesda brands."
GG3 returns to another visual piece for Dark Souls II. This list gives a few known and lesser immediate comparisons for the game, so that people can know exactly what to expect.
GG3 writes: "Publisher Namco Bandai Games has announced that it will prolong its contract with developer Codemasters to distribute its games in 2014. This is an agreement that dates back originally to 2010."
GG3 gets the latest news from Konami about their World Challenge mode DLC in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. A free update will come alongside of it. Some images are included as well.
Daav from SegmentNext wanders into the realm of Dark Souls 2 for the first day and gets spat out. Hardship after hardship aside, there are just a few elements that don't stack up in this adventure.
GG3 is eager to prepare everyone for the madness of Titanfall. There's going to be a lot of rubble flying around, so here are a few very simple pointers that may get lost in the chaos, which can make all the difference between a so-so round and an epic victory, .gifs included for illustration!