GG3 gets the latest news from Telltale Games. Their latest trailer features some scenes from the two released The Walking Dead episodes in Season 2, with a cover of "In The Pines" going over it. This song is also available in full as a free download.
GG3 writes: "Developer Milestone has a teaser countdown up on its site today, which will reveal their work on MotoGP 14. It’s coming any second now, but they’ve preloaded their back-end with the game already."
GG3 gets the latest news from Konami. They've launched a varied amount of official merchandise from multiple brands. This includes limited edition posters, shirts and other cool stuff.
Fly through tiny death star by using these tips and cheats

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he real tragedy of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is neither the loss of its Metroidvania style nor the predicament of its protagonist. It’s the fact that it is a great game with so many visible blemishes plaguing otherwise excellent gameplay. It’s not that type of game where you enjoy everything besides that one irritating mechanic. Nor is it that kind of game where the experiences of good and b
What will this generation look like in 10-20 years? We look into how the emergence of DLC, post-release patches and online gaming will impact the preservation of this past generation.
Today Activision has announced the pre-order bonus for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Those who pre-order from GameStop will get the Web Threads Suit Pack DLC. This includes four suits for the Web-head on launch day. Each outfit will give different combat bonuses and just looks badass overall.
Segmentnext writes: "It’s official; Titanfall has completed its development process on the main game and achieved gold status. This message was confirmed both by the developer Respawn Entertainment’s Twitter account, as well as the account of the game itself."