At first glance, the Xbox One sales should be cause for concern. However, upon closer inspection, you'll find that it's actually doing fine.
After switching from developer, and after a delay, gamers were worried that South Park: The Stick of Truth would become one of the games that stayed in game-Limbo forever, never to see the light of day. Well fear not as The Stick of Truth is out and it’s pretty Fu**ing sweet.
GG3 picks up some pretty savory game deal news with the latest zavvi sale. Within all the other titles on offer, there's a selected amount of Xbox One Titanfall bundles being offered, which come with an additionally free game from the more notable releases on Xbox One. Act fast, because they'll likely deplete quickly.
Xbox One owners, our patience has been rewarded, and our time has come. The post launch drought is nearly over, and the next two months are packed with games.
Segmentnext writes: "Custom manufacturers Evil Controllers have added Xbox One to their lineup, granting people the privilege to design their own modified device.

Mostly shooter fans will be pleased with the addition of the Master Mod v3, since most adjustments benefit that model."
If you've been lucky enough to get yourself an Xbox One, you're probably now considering getting rid of your beloved Xbox 360. Whether you're trading it in, selling it or just putting it on the junk pile, you need the room. Well hold on a bit while I give you a few reasons not to get rid of your Xbox 360 console just yet, whether you have the new Xbox One or you're just planning on getting one.
Talk about inheriting the family curse in Amanda Ripley never expected to walk the same path as her Mother Ellen. It has been fifteen years since the first battles of the xenomorphs and it is now up to Amanda to take on the mystery of her mothers disappearance and hopefully uncover the answers she seeks.
Zoo tycoon is another game in the Tycoon collection, with this one being based on a realism simulator controlled by the Kinect. I remember playing the original Zoo Tycoons on the PC and they were a quirky simulation game. I bought it purely because there’s not a ton of games for the Xbox One yet…