The Xbox One has been confirmed to support DLNA. This move puts it in front of the PlayStation 4 for some consumers, along with CD audio playback. What does this mean for you? Hit the link for the details.
With two major successes in the series thus far, the news of Batman: Arkham Origins’ was one met with anticipation but also a fair degree of caution. With trailers consisting almost entirely of CGI cutscenes and revealing nothing of gameplay, and the series changing hands to Warner Bros. Games Mortral fans had a developer named after a film company focusing entirely upon visual promotions. This w
How ready are you for the holidays? Some of you are probably already shopping right now or making some tactical plans to invade black Friday with force. I honestly don't understand how people have the energy to do anything after a good old thanksgiving meal, but then again maybe their Turkey is laced with adrenaline for the biggest shopping season of the year. I am on a mission to help you the co
The first expansion for Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers adds five new playable decks to the game, some new campaign levels, and five additional challenges. Though having some additional single player stuff to do is nice, most people are going to purchase this expansion just to get the new decks for multiplayer.
After a delay, a lot of hype and a slew of trailers in the last few weeks it’s finally here. GTA V graced the consoles on September 17 and gaming world as we know it may never be the same. It’s hard for me to talk about GTA V, mostly because the more I spend talking about it the more time it takes away from me actually playing it. And that’s a terrible thought, because I can’t stand the thought o
Let’s start off with an extremely brief summary of the PS Vita. It was announced, it had a great amount of potential, it came out, and fast forward to today sales are way below expectations. Because of the policies Microsoft had on the Xbox One,is at risk for suffering the same fate as the PlayStation Vita?
Fable Anniversary has been delayed and it's future on the Xbox One was in question. Finally Lionhead Studios has come out to quell the rumors once and for all about where fans would see the game.
For all those DuckTales fans out there who only have an Xbox 360, well we got good news for you. DuckTales: Remastered is now available on the Xbox 360 for only $14.99, pick up your copy today!