Microsoft’s next gen console the Xbox One is on it’s way, and while exclusive titles such as Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 are highly anticipated, it’s Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall that is being hailed by many as it’s Killer App. Many gamers, have gotten on the hype train, mostly due to gameplay footage and the huge praise from countless game journalists. It’s not hard to see why, it’s a fast pa
The latest Xbox Live games sale involves that lovely superhero who lurks in the night, complete with utility belt and gravelly voice. Yes you guessed it, the latest sale involves Batman and lots of the lovely Warner Bros Batman games. The sale is set to run from today, 10th September, to the 16th September and includes the Batman Arkham series, LEGO Batman and Injustice: Gods Among Us.
In an interesting interview, the minds behind the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 are reassuring longtime fans of the series that parts of what they loved about the previous installments are still here but better than ever.
Tristan Werbe, Deputy Editor of RealGamerNewz, writes, "Charlie Murder is an interesting title right away from first glance. It’s basically a heavy metal band experience. The catch is your band has to fight demonic beings such as zombies and even demons themselves using the power of hardcore metal. If you’re still wondering what I’m talking about then go ahead and turn on a nice track of ‘screamo
Unfortunately it seems that fans of Lionhead Studios’ action RPG franchise will be waiting a long time to see anything truly new. In a recent Q&A session, the developer confirmed that they had no real plans to make a sequel to Fable III or continue the main franchise as it was. While they did not comment directly upon reasons why, given that title’s reception and criticism from gaming journalism,
GG3 scrapes together all the assets of the announced Xbox One exclusive Kinect title Fighter Within. Meet the fighters with their fact cards, see some screenshots, watch a video and see some art for the characters. It's all there.
Blake from Leviathyn pens a touching and heartfelt goodbye to his gamerscore. Trophies are the new lingerie.
Enforcement United is the new system that allows the Xbox Live community to monitor itself and hopefully drive out the trolls that have plagued the online community since the creation of Xbox Live.