Xbox One Exec Albert Penello spoke recently about the state of the Xbox One and his belief that it's the gameplay experience of the Xbox One instead of the hardware that will make the console a winner.
Following all of the announcements at E3, Microsoft has also released a list of accessories that will be launching alongside the system. One of these accessories is a one ear mono headset, which will apparently not be included with the base system. Prices have not been released yet, but I am sure you can count on dropping another $40 or so on this if you are looking forward to chatting with your
Score more on Xbox 360 because today gaming is not at all about beating someone on it, it’s about showing people online that you did.
Microsoft officially confirmed today that the Xbox One will not ship with a headset included. This is pretty strange considering Microsoft's heavy focus on online. is giving away 400 Microsoft Points this weekend. Everybody loves those, right? Entry into the contest should take less than a minute.
And so it happens. Microsoft decided to backtrack on some of its next gen plans to appease the consumers. The new Xbox console will no longer have the rigid DRM rules and online check-in requirements. Well, at least it won’t have them right out of the box. Who knows what happens down the road. But instead of speculating, does this change anyone’s mind? Or is it a little too late for Microsoft’s 1
Cliff Blezinski went on a Twitter Tirade against gamers who protested Microsoft new policies for the Xbox One. This gamer humbly disagrees with his conclusions.
A lot was made of Microsoft, and their attempt at implementing their method of digital rights management(DRM) on the Xbox One. Most of the internet was a buzz about it, every major gaming publication was covering it, every gamer who had a blog had their own opinion about how it would ruin gaming, and even some major news outlets decided to do a story on it. Now that Microsoft has decided to chang