Kevin of congratulates the gamers that made Microsoft change their ways. Gives a salute and opinion on what just happened.
Unbelievably, Microsoft have just announced a massive change to their biggest console yet.

They've taken on feedback from the fans and changed several of the restrictions that made the console almost unusable without an internet connection.
Microsoft may have won back some gamers today with the announcement that Xbox One will no longer include suffocating DRM restrictions nor will it require an internet check-in every 24 hours.
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Thousands of disgruntled gamers have taken to Facebook to protest about the Xbox One's controversial policies. Gamers are fighting back against Microsoft's approach to used games and forced online connectivity.
Though Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty was featured as a part of the Sony conference at E3 last week, it will be coming to just about every platform other than the Xbox One and 360. The game is coming to PS3 to PS4 to Wii U to PC to Mac to even Linux. This new Oddworld Inhabitants remake of the first Oddworld game has no publisher and Microsoft will not allow OI to sell their game because of it. As some

Many have tried to dethrone the mighty Nintendo from their pedistal built around hand held gaming. Those same companies have failed, some damn near into bankruptcy over their failed hand helds. It takes clout, it takes deep pockets and exclusive titles to even make a dent in the armor that the Game Boy built.
Microsoft has made a lot of mistakes the past couple of months with the Xbox One. But it's not to late to win us back.