Daav from NoobFeed.com sends an invitation to Microsoft. After their amazing display at the E3 2013 press conference, they've convinced the world that the Xbox One is a worthwhile platform that anyone will enjoy. Now it just needs one more little thing to succeed. #DropDaDRM
As if Microsoft's super restrictive DRM and recent comments about how gamers without reliable internet can stick with Xbox 360 weren't enough evidence they are anti-consumer, now they are putting a timer on your Microsoft Points.
EXOR Studios has released the long awaited Apocalypse DLC pack and an update for their XBLA title Zombie Driver HD. The update fixes some screen tearing issues and improves frame rates, the main attraction here is the new DLC pack. The Apocalypse DLC Pack brings two new vehicles an a new Slaughter Mode map titled the Military Base.
This is the best way to kick off WTF Wednesday with my old segment coming back to life on this issue of Wtf Gamers?!? I am your host Kuma Baity and this morning after having a nice chat with one of my writers, I stumbled on a post by MissSinisterCosplay’s Facebook page and saw a video with Geoff Keighley interviewing Executive of Microsoft Don Mattrick about the Xbox One bashing all over the webs
With E3 out and Microsoft's less-than-stellar showing, some things are getting overshadowed. Perhaps the most important are all the interviews and comments by the big companies that came during the days immediately before E3. For instance, a video on GameTrailers featuring an interview with Don Mattrick about the XBox One's always-online requirements.
Microsoft revealed a whole bunch of games for the Xbox One; not all great but some good. Here are some of the highlights of the games that they revealed.
Crimson Dragon is one of a dozen upcoming new games that Microsoft showed at their E3 press conference earlier today.
What is going on gamers and welcome to KKEnt’s after thoughts of what went on at the Microsoft conference at E3. First off I would like to say, wow they actually show a lot of great games, hell they actually showed games! I am floored how powerful the this conference was. I left the Xbox 360 for a full year now and what I saw with Titanfall, Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5 and of cou