Developer:Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

Original Price:$6.99

Today’s Free App of the Day is the sequel to the great Infinity Blade, Infinity Blade II.
Played on: iPhone 5S




You know what the iOS is filled with? Flappy Bird clones and endless runners. So many, many runners. Dark Lands is also a runner but adds in some much needed changes to the genre.
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Developer: SEGA

Original Price:$2.99

Today’s Free App of the Day is a sequel to Sonic & All-Stars Racing cleverly called: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Played on: iPhone 5S


Developer: Pascal Bestebroer


Another game by Orangepixel has been released for the iOS in the form of Groundskeeper 2, that’s the same guy that brought you Heroes of Loot and Gunslugs. So far every title released has been a home run, is Groundskeeper 2 keeping the tradition?
Developer: Orange Pixel

Original Price: $1.99

Today’s Free App of the Day is Heroes of Loot

Orange Pixel’s game earned a 10 out of 10 when we reviewed Heroes of Loot and now it’s available for free for a limited time. Pick it up while you can. You can see the review below or just download the free game.
Move over The Simpsons Tapped Out, there’s a new version of you out. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a free-to-play game that allows you to rebuild you Quahog with all the annoying/lovely characters from the Family Guy TV show. Peter, Brian, Stewie, Lois are all there, and Meg too I guess.
GG3 gets some more mobile news. After its first release in 1999, Darkstone has been revived as a free-to-play mobile game for both iOS and Android. It doesn't look like much, but at least it's as lengthy as it's ever been.