First of all, Popcap is not straying very far from the tried and true formula here. The basics are still the same, sun power falls onto the screen, sunflowers still produce it and pea shooters are still the grunt of your plant army against the lumbering zombies that simply want to come into your home and have a bit of brain. The zombies still start on the right side of the screen and try to gai
HeroCraft are making some waves with their announcements of titles coming in 2014, for instance, Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is coming to iOS, Android and PC in 2014. This is going to be a turn based strategy title from the old days, something that is
Rayman, the limbless hero from the 32-Bit days (he first appeared on the Atari Jaguar but completely dissed the 3DO for some reason) has just entered the “endless running” model for mobile devices. Is this good? Is this bad? Is this a return to the old days of platforming and challenges that made you think about your actions in a heartbeat? Or is it just another “Run Like Hell” copycat with a
Coming from one of the designers of the SAW game, Troy Dunniway, Dying: Sinner Escape plans to give fans of that movie series more entertainment but from a slightly different perspective. Trying to find salvation from his own personal horrors, Colby Davis must make the right decisions within each chamber which contains a chilling outcome for whom it holds.
Anyone that has read Gaming on Batteries for very long knows I am a gamer from back in the day. When I say that, I don’t mean from when the PS2 was released, I mean back when the Atari 2600 reigned supreme, I was there for the release of Pitfall for instance, though young, I was still interested in it. I have a thing for platforming games, I still enjoy a run around the Mushroom/Toadstool Kingdom
Post apocalyptic racing games have been around for awhile now. We saw this type of world in titles such as Rock N Roll Racing during the 16-Bit days, we saw it in Crash N Burn on 3DO- which never got ported to another console unlike just about everything that Crystal Dynamics created. Now, we have HeroCrafts take on the world mixing the after the end of the world scenario with Wipeout style racin
Last Life Games, a small indie studio, is releasing their first title Kingdoms Fall, August 6th 2013. It will be available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in the Apple App store.
The cool thing with Deep Dungeons of Doom is the rythm based battles. This is NOT a hack and slash, pound the attack button like a red headed step child type of game. Here you have to pay attention to the little animations of your enemy and time attacks, and blocking, accordingly. Each enemy has little telltale signs that reveal when they will attack or block. Learn them as quickly as possible.