I have always been an advocate and supporter of iOS titles and developers. The reason I stuck to an iPhone is because I’ve already spent too much on iOS games (So switching would be the equivalent of tossing out your SNES Library for a Genesis). For every game that manages to stay on my iOS there are a hundred others that get tossed right away. Why?
In Game Tips

Increasing your party size will allow you to dish out more damage and come up with interesting combinations.

Notes are used to summon units to join your party and fight for you.

Power solos can make or break your survival, use them wisely to give yourself an edge in battle.

Kill enemies fills this combo meter. After 5 kills, you can tap it to perform a STUN SOLO! Don't get hi
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Today’s Free App of the Day is an arcade classic: Craaaaaazzzyyyy Taxi
GG3 gets the latest news from publisher Daedalic Entertainment. Their point and click franchises Deponia and Edna & Harvey will receive mobile spinoffs with classic puzzle vibes. There are screenshots provided.
We have a quick interview today with Tobias Frisch and Sebastian Mittag about The Inner World which was review recently for our Mobile area by Ken Appleby
A review of the most recent Adventure Time game to hit the market. An impressive attempt at recreating the fictional Card Wars game from the show is ruined by poor implementation of monetizing features.
A look the most recent controversies to plague mobile gaming, from Dungeon Keeper and Candy Crush to Flappy Bird, and the conditions that spawned them. Can't we all just give peace a chance?
Leviathyn.com reviews the newly released Great Martian War. Glitchy graphics and a shoddy level of production render the game nearly unplayable, and it fails to live up to its legacy.