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Today’s Free App of the Day is: Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game
Developer: Square-Enix

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Today’s Free App of the Day is an Acion-RPG: BloodMasque
Endless running games are becoming more of an annoyance than being cool or fun. To enter this genre, a game has to offer something unique to gamers to spike their interest. Running Quest by Selosoft may be just what this genre needs.
Gamevil have updated their popular Massively Multiplayer Hack and Slash title, Dark Avenger, with a new character class for gamers to enjoy. The Sorceress class is now available for players that wish to use more spells in their hack and slash gaming.
Fantasy, turn, based strategy titles are still quite rare on Android but HyperDevbox is bringing one more to the platform. Record of Agarest War was originally released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 home consoles. This marks the first time the series is on a portable platform (why Sony didn’t buy exclusivity for this on PS Vita is a mystery). explores the debate on whether mobile games will ever be able to rival that of a known console experience. With the next generation dawning for all platforms, there may be some stiff competition ahead.
GameStream is now the official name of the PC streaming feature of the Nvidia Shield. And gone is the beta’s 30-45 frames per second and instead is a almost 100% rock-solid 60 frames per second of streaming glory! And there are updates that are also available for your graphics cards that help smooth out both PC streaming and graphics optimization. So that your PC can preform to its utmost abiliti
Star Wars is a phenomenon unto itself, no argument there. The license is one that has certainly been hit or miss over the last several decades on both console and personal computers (with a little dabbling in the arcade world). Now coming to mobile devices such as the JXD S7300 Android Gaming Tablet, Disney has teamed up with Nimblebit to bring us a new mobile title. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star