Remember “Headless Mike”, the chicken that lived for about a year and a half without his head. We don’t either. Anyhow, Double Smith (husband and wife team) do remember Mike and they have created a tribute game.
Archos are taking on the portable market that Nintendo pretty much owns with the Archos Gamepad 2. While JXD has been here for years with various hardware options, they are lacking in selling in the United States, officially at least.
Reportedly, Apple has paid for a short exclusivity period on this title. Before everyone starts complaining, that is perfectly legal and happened quite a bit back in the early days of gaming. Console manufacturers would pay to hold a game exclusive to their platform for a period of time. Exclusivity usually lasted a few months which was quite a lot when you consider how long it takes to produce a
Now lets start of with why PC streaming should matter to you in the first place. Imagine the feeling of being able to play almost all of your favorite games and being able to still cozy up to your loved ones. And not having to live at a desk just to get in your gaming state of mind. Also how cool would it be to to play full console PC quality games at work/school on break while your friends/co-wo
Portal is obviously a successful series, one that holds the distinction of being the first to make this writer actually upgrade the old computer to something newer that could run a recent title. Since we probably will never see an official release of Portal on Nintendo DS/3DS we can rest assured that the home coders have stepped up and completed, or at least are close, to doing just that.
Go beyond 2D and mad feathered creatures and play in 3D with real masters of the skies in Dragon vs Goblins on iOS

Played on: iPhone 3GS


Developer: Orange Pixel


Games that involve looting and dungeon-crawling are always fun and Orange Pixel knows this….oh they know. So they gave their version of a dungeon-crawling looting adventure with their new game Heroes of Loot for the iOS.
Lampert & Sons have finally released their 2008 IGF finalist title Ookibloks for free on iOS. Ookibloks is an interesting mix of action and puzzles that requires quick thinking and fast hands. The game isn’t the most normal game either as it features flying kittens, chimps with missile launchers, and the ability to punch crabs, sharks, jellyfish, and other animals right in their faces.