First things first the 72 Core Tegra 4 graphics processor along with Arm Cortex A15 MP Core, enable the Nvidia Shield to fully support current and next generation console quality graphics in games, and make older games look even better than they did in their original state, and with minimal effect on battery life thanks to its extra battery saver core. Also here are the full specs of both the Teg
Now we get to what everyone wants to know about most the gaming! And before I go any further let me state now that if the Android game has full controller support and the Tegra enhanced graphics abilities or is a fully functioning Emulator or you are using Onlive there’s nothing like the feeling you get playing the Nvidia Shield! The controls work perfectly the screen is both bright and colors ar
Kemco continue releasing quality role playing games on Android with Link of Hearts. Here we have the story of a boy, a girl and an android (fitting considering the platform) that are tasked with saving the Earth from a major catastrophe. Following the instructions that Lily heard in a dream, her and her male neighbor, Daichi set out on their life changing quest. All is not well though as a Warri
While I am a fan of titles like Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2 and Pixel Kingdom, I am not a fan of traditional tower defense games. I prefer the aforementioned titles, even though they are not that different, which are known as “lane defense”. That is why it is with good reason that I am reviewing Storm of Magic on iOS here. The game is good, good graphically, good in getting me interested in what
Skelton, the main man of JXD hacking and improving, released XSample awhile back on message boards and we promptly downloaded it and installed it. Anyone that has played with the JXD S7300 very long will be able to tell you that the stock firmware sucks pretty hard. As usual, Skelton has fixed it.
Kemco, the publisher from way back in the day is still around publishing on Android and iOS platforms. They focus on localizing role playing games that we may not have gotten otherwise such as Destiny Fantasia. The big question for English speaking gamers is, what type of role playing game is Destiny Fantasia and how is the story?
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