Megaman X for Nintendo Wii U will be available to purchase for only $2.99 instead of the regular price of $7.99

And Megaman: Dr.Wily’s Revenge for the Nintendo 3DS (Gameboy) is also $2.00 instead of the regular price of $3.99

This will only be available until Dec.24 2013. Yes. It’s a one-day sale. Purchase them now from the eShop before it it’s too late!
Kevin of writes " I’ve mastered a lot of NES games as a child, I can play all of the Super Mario Bros. games over and over, I’ve defeated Ganon in the Legend of Zelda and I’ve always hated Balloon Fight. What I needed was a challenge, and a new twist on these classics…a remix if you will. Well Nintendo surprised everyone with a new game called NES Remix, exclusive only for the Ninte
Super Mario Bros. 3 will finally see it’s release on eShop this week for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U… in the UK.
While sales are slowly getting better, I would submit that maybe gamers in general should just wipe their mental slates clean and give Nintendo a second chance in 2014.
Media Create recently released sales numbers that show that Nintendo had another good week sales wise in Japan, whereas it seems to be struggling everywhere else in the world. The sales numbers below were provided by NeoGAF for the week of December 9 - December 15. Wii U — 74,903 (48,762) 3DS — 50,846 (32,894) 3DS LL…
You may have remembered Retro City Rampage, a fantastic old-school GTA-inspired game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Well, there’s a 3DS version coming out…I know!
The Pokemon Company have given us another reason to download the Pokemon Bank this month, offering a free special Celebi.
Nintendo has announced that Rosalina, a female character from Super Mario Galaxy on Wii, will be playable in their upcoming game Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. Rosalina marks the 19th announced playable character for Smash Bros since the game’s trailer debut at E3 2013. Rosalina has appeared as a playable character in three other…