After Nintendo surprised everyone by announcing and releasing NES Remix (on the same day!), NES Remix 2 has been released just a few months later. Does it learn from its mistakes from the first game or is just another remix?
There’s plenty to be excited about with Monolith Soft’s X. We might not have all the details yet, but what we've seen thus far looks very promising and hopefully Nintendo showcases more of the game this year at E3
You may have read my initial reaction to the controversy on Nintendo not including same-sex relationships on their upcoming game Tomodachi Life. Nintendo has release their official statement about it.
Tomodachi Life won't include same-sex relationships but Nintendo have done the next-best thing and officially apologized for this omission. They promise to include same-sex relationships in any future Tomodachi games.
Nintendo won't be updating the upcoming virtual sim to include same-sex marriage. They claim that this is not intended as social commentary.
This week the Nintencast wraps up their dicussion of 2D Zelda with A Link to the Past. They go into the story and contributions that the game has brought to the series. They also talk about Link's Awakening and why a revolutionary handheld title doesn't quite get the credit it may deserve.
Stealth Inc. 2 will be coming exclusively to the Wii U in 2014. Thomas Was Alone developer Curve studios today announced the sequel to the 2D stealth platformer.
Bit Boy!! Arcade is now available in Europe for the Nintendo for 7.99. You play as Kubi as he meets his creator: The Game Designer. That’s all I can say but here’s a trailer and key points to the game.