Just because you may need a new Wii Remote doesn't necessarily make Wii Play: Motion worth buying. Read on to find out if the mini-game collection is actually of good quality or not.
If you missed out on the free download and are wondering if this is worth paying for, read on.
Sometimes I think Nintendo has lost it. Really, like full on committable. I mean, we all know they’ve been dance to the beat of their own drum for years now and it is evident with products like the Wii, Wii Fit and even the ill-fated Vitality sensor. Maybe they have actually lost touch with reality. The latest “Nintendo Moment” confirms it.
RedLynx said today that MotoHeroz, its highly-anticipated release for Nintendo’s WiiWare service, will release in both Europe and the Americas on September 15 for 1500 Wii Points.
Rumor no more! This scan proves that Nintendo is indeed developing a right slide pad attachment for the 3DS.
Austin provides a close look at Storm City Games' latest release in this in-depth Gummy Bears Magical Medallion review for the Nintendo Wii.