Donkey Kong Country: Returns 3D was a great welcome back for the Gorilla with the tie. It was difficult, it was portable and it was really a return. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the latest installment but this time, there’s no 3D but instead glorious HD. And by God it looks glorious.
SegmentNext gets the latest news for Nintendo DS? Wait, it's specifically a release for the DS, not the 3DS? That's exactly what it is and that nearly 3 years to date since the Nintendo 3DS launched the new generation of gaming. That's legacy support.
GG3 picks up the latest news for Pokémon x and Y on Nintendo 3DS. The official reveal of mythical Pokémon Diancie is here and comes with a set of art, screenshots and gameplay footage.
GG3 picks up on more underdog titles creeping onto Nintendo 3DS. Later this month, publisher Circle Entertainment will bring Quell Reflect to the eShop. Screenshots and gameplay footage of the puzzle title are provided.
Nintendo has just finished their direct, and here are the highlights from the news they’ve announced.
The Oculus Rift can't seem to stop making the headlines these days and neither can Nintendo. As rumors persist of its console brethren making the dive into the VR race, should Nintendo be placing a stake in the long-term for the future of gaming?
Bravely Default has made a sizable splash in an ocean of JRPGs, causing ripples that some can't adjust to, but many may find refreshing. Greg Bennett of reviews the game, pondering whether it is brave, stupid or just plain crazy.
The Nintendo team decides to engage in an over an hour long chat about the latest news that the Big N delivered in it's latest Direct. Almost no game is left uncovered, and in the end they decide whether or not they like what Nintendo's Satoru Iwata had to say.