GG3 collects more game deals ready to be discovered. In the latest Indie Royale promotion, the Meteorite bundle has 7 games on offer for a low price. From that selection, Arcane Worlds welcomes the rest of the explanation.
GG3 does some more gameplay sessions for the latest bundles. This next event is one of the most coveted titles to ever be released, as the Humble Sid Meier Bundle features the Civilization series. From that, Civilization V is on display, to also talk about the other games.
GG3 gets the latest gaming deals out there. In the latest Daily Royale, from the Indie Royale promotions, a select few Steam keys for Realms of Arkania: Blades of Destiny are up for grabs. Better get to it, before they're gone.
Noobfeed has a moment with DigitalDNA Games, the makers of CastleMiner Z. Their Steam PC release got some criticism for bringing the game from Xbox Live for $1 to $10 through Steam. Here are the exact reasons behind the necessary decision in an exclusive feature.
Aaron interviews Big Finish Games' Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead VFX Artist Mat Van Rhoon to get some clarification on their Friday announcement that the game would use 2K resolution.
Aaron from Leviathyn held another successful LAN party last weekend, and he wants to help you make yours as awesome as possible while saving you some time and aggravation.
Leviathyn takes a look at the first six games of Humble Indie Bundle 11 (Guacamelee, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, The Swapper, Antichamber, and Monaco) and tells you why you should be buying this bundle right this second.
GG3 once more finds some quirky and interesting news floating around. Today on Reddit, a total conversion mod appeared from an ancient build of Runescape, which is now transformed into a GTA universe. It's strangely nostalgic.