It’s no secret that Riot often neglects Dominion when it comes to balancing issues and as a result, you tend to see many of the same champions game after game. Some champions are quite overpowered while others are just downright annoying to play against due to the cheesy play style their kit encourages. Here are the top five most hated champions to face in Dominion.
The Last Tinker is one of those games many people look as if they would skip in an instant. Between the cartoony design, bright colours and storybook plot, it sounds like something for the younger generation to take interest in. While that is true at least in part, The Last Tinker is far more than that and it would be a mistake to overlook this one. Citing the likes of Banjo Kazooie and the origi
The new gameplay trailer shows off the fully-destructible environments that are powered by the CryEngine 3. Armored Warfare is currently in closed beta.
This is a documentary on the making of Tesla Effect, the new Tex Murphy adventure game, and more specifically, on the unprecedented involvement the fans and backers had in its development.
The GOG Spring Insomnia Sale has launched. The sale heavily discounts 100 games, one at a time in limited quantities. Games to be discounted include Papers Please and Broken Age.
The Last Tinker is a gorgeous, harmless romp of a game with lots of charm, but this may be a game best suited for children old enough not to re-enact Koru’s fighting moves on their siblings.
I took a journey in Zombie Studios’ latest horror game Daylight. The game starts you off as a young woman named Sarah, who has awakened on the ground in what appears to be a broken down mental institution. With just your cellphone light, a few glow sticks and flares, you must solve the mystery of what occurred to the people in the institute.
Sony today has announced that the last DLC for DC Universe Online known as : Amazon Fury Part I is now avaible for download. Amazons are divided into two sides, which one will you choose? Wonder Woman or Hippolyta. It is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. More information and screenshots below.