Looks like Oculus VR and Zenimax are continuing the argument. What is that argument? Well, it looks like Zenimax wants their slice of the Oculus VR pie. After Facebook purchased the company, can you really blame them?
A new Unreal Tournament game is in development as of today. Epic Games announced via a livestream on Twitch that the game will be openly made with fan feedback.
Tesla Effect is excellent, a fantastic return-to-form for FMV games, and a glorious adventure filled with twists, turns, and surprises.
A new game mode called Siege is available for SMITE in a patch today. The same patch also introduces Osiris, Egyptian God of the afterlife as a playable character.
All Star Wars games are on sale for 66 percent off on Steam. The sale will last until May 4. The sale includes KOTOR 1 and 2, Republic Commando, Jedi Academy and more.
GG3 puts out more gameplay sessions for deals, such as the new Monday Bundle from Indiegala that features Scourge: Outbreak. It will get twice the reel time, since the stream cut away halfway through explaining the bundle, but it's still 5 Steam games and one on Desura for a low price.
The Conquest Bundle, headed by Bundle Stars, features 12 games for $4.99. The bundle includes Lucius, Call of Juarez, and many more. The bundle will last until May 19.
Gragas is the other old champion to be reworked in the recently released 4.5 patch for League of Legends. Old Gragas players have reacted to the rework with somewhat mixed opinions. Some love the new Gragas and think he got much stronger. Other Gragas veterans maintain that he was ruined and is no longer viable.