There were many interesting games at EGX Rezzed this year, one of which is a new indie title by Mechabit: Kaiju Panic. From its adorable art style to its take on classic tower defense games, it’s an interesting title you should probably have a look at, and you’ll find a few reasons why in this preview!

Space Engineers – at first glance you might be tempted to say “Look, it’s Minecraft in space!” And I suppose in a way it is, but it’s so much more fun! From the threat of suffocating in your spacesuit to crashing your lovingly-crafted ship into an asteroid (or another person like I did), there’s so much to do already in the title, even though it’s only in early access on Steam. Space Engineers is
Reworking old League of Legends champions seems to be all the rage these days and Rengar is the latest champion to have a full rework as part of the recently released 4.5 patch. According to statistics charts at and, Rengar’s win rate has actually fallen since the patch was released. Rengar is played less than 10% of the time across all game modes. Let’s take a look at so
A common accusation when it comes to films is that the director just didn’t understand the source material. They just didn’t get what made it work, fully comprehend quite how to faithfully adapt certain ideas or even get some basics right. Michael Bay’s Transformers, Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla, Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, you can probably name quite a few. Well, now we have the penultimate v
In a bit of news from Namco Bandai, the upcoming Second World War shooter Enemy Front is to receive a limited edition release. As expected this contains a few bonuses you won’t find in the traditional release, but for once this seems to consist a little more than just a unique gun.
Riot Games recently released patch 4.5 for League of Legends and it brought about a lot of changes that dramatically affect the Dominion game mode. Here are some of the changes from the 4.5 patch that will impact Dominion the most.
Riot Games has been reworking a lot of old champions on League of Legends lately and Kassadin is the latest champ to get the rework treatment. He still feels and plays like the same champ as before, but some key changes were made to literally all of the abilities in his kit.
The Hindu God Kumbhakarna is coming to SMITE. The free-to-play MOBA game by Hi-Rez Studios is adding the Sleeping Giant as a playable character in a gameplay patch that is scheduled to roll out on April 15. Kumbhakarna is the first new character to be added to SMITE since the game's release on March 25.