GG3 picks up an oddity while going after the latest game deals. In the new Indie Royale bundle, there's a game that doesn't exactly need anyone to play it. Once it gets rolling, it can last on its own for over 10 minutes. Weird.
GG3 writes: "After being available to us Western regions for a while now, Guild Wars 2 will start an Open Beta in China on May 15, 2014. Preorders for the game have started there now."
GG3 gets back to a few gameplay sessions for game deals. in the latest Indie Royale promotion, the Ludosity Bundle holds 5 Steam games from one developer. Ittle Dew will provide the adventure to detail the other titles.
SegmentNext writes: "Developer Shangri-la Game Studios released Zombies on a Plane over the weekend. It’s currently available at a 30% discount for a few days, before it resets to a price of €6.99."
SegmentNext finds the latest news about Goat Simulator. Despite not having a multiplayer component, a solution for the parody game is already on the way and the thing hasn't even officially released yet!
NoobFeed writes: "Moebius: Empire Rising, the new point and click adventure from mastermind Jane Jensen, is now up for preorder at a 20% discount. Those who sign up prior to its release on April 15, 2014 will additionally receive the game’s soundtrack."
GG3 writes: "Strategy paragon Galactic Civlizations III has appeared on Steam through the Early Access program for a staggering price of €99.99.

The game is in an early alpha state. Please be aware that the game isn’t actually, well, fun yet. Major systems are unfinished and content is severely limited."
Vel’Koz the Eye of the Void is the most recently released champion for League of Legends. Vel’Koz is an ability power based champion that relies heavily on keeping distance between himself and his enemies. Vel’Koz is lacking in escape abilities but all of his spells have considerable range to them so this shouldn’t be as much of an issue as long as you keep up your map awareness.