Wow, two of these in as many weeks. Games Workshop really is starting to farm out the licence.

Announced earlier today by Focus Interactive on their Twitter page, it seems that the classic tabletop title might be getting some much needed revitalisation. Having been released in 1999, then promptly left bereft of all support before actively being killed off last year, Mordheim was one of the tit
SegmentNext writes: "Animator Joakim Sandberg, also known for the name “Konjak,” released a video with gameplay of The Iconoclasts. This is a 2D action game that has been in development on and off for quite some time."
Daav from NoobFeed plays a little Concursion and collects some thoughts on it. By switching game genres on the go, this 2D side-scroller has a ton of originality to offer.
Big Finish Games has released some pretty amazing trailers for their upcoming game Tesla Effect - but nothing could have prepared us for something like this.
GG3 writes: "Belgian indie project Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries has received a short new gameplay trailer, featuring a preview of its forest environment. It mostly goes over platforming elements in a darker setting."
In an interesting development in Elder Scrolls Online, the game’s crafting system has resulted in players gaining certain items from the most unexpected of raw materials.
Looking like the unholy hybrid of Game of Thrones and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Spider Games’ Bound by Flame is an upcoming title which definitely merits a look. Revealed not too long ago and with both a trailer and press release covering the story and new details, this new release promises an epic fantasy saga with choices and side-quests galore.
GG3 wrties: "Online store Get Games is keeping things a little more traditional after multiple Get Loaded promotions, as this weekend it has a Square Enix sale. In total, this event that focuses on classic games will have 30 Steam games up for grabs."