Daav from NoobFeed plays through the Steam Early Access game Dungeon of the Endless. There are so many strategy elements in this game that are connected to each other, anyone will find something to like in this tense challenge.
The expansion for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is just two weeks away from launch (March 25th, 2014), and Blizzard still seems to have even more great content to show off for what's in store.
GG3 shows off some of the games on sale on Steam that aren't advertised. Once more, 505 Games dumps its games. Takedown is back at a 90% discount, a month after it did the same. Rekoil is 80% off and it hasn't been out for two months. Unrelated: The War Z is also 90% off.
Aaron from Leviathyn plays The Last Tinker, a colorful 3D platforming adventure with great music, and despite appealing to younger gamers he has a surprising amount of fun with it.
SegmentNext writes: "Publisher Nordic Games has brought back Summoner from the dead and released it on Steam for an incredibly low price of €4.99. It even comes with a temporary 20% discount, putting it at €3.99 until March 19, 2014."
GG3 gets even more great game deals. In the latest Get Loaded promotion, 17 Steam games from 2K Games are up for grabs in stacks of 3, 4 or 5 titles and tat for a limited amount of time.
GG3 is always up for more game deals. With the latest Gamefly promotion, Rockstar Games gets its Steam games cut to pieces with all discounts either at 75% or 80%. Grand Theft Auto's, Max Payne's; they're all there.
GG3 finds even more game deals on Gamefly's digital network. They're currently holding a spring sale that has Steam games up for grabs, like the Metro series, Saints Row franchise or Injustice: Gods Among Us.