GG3 gets the latest PC news, as new venture GameSessions seeks to give gamers full games upfront for a trial service. In recent news, they've started partnering up with gaming affiliations to get the games to players.
GG3 writes: "Developer 11 bit Studios announced a new project today called This War of Mine. It’s currently headed to PC and mobile devices somewhere this year."
Aaron from Leviathyn got a tip from a friend that he needed to play Watergate, a free flash game playable in your browser. What followed was a descent into utterly ridiculous madness.
SegmentNext writes: "There’s a Beta out now on PC where the goal is to collect Bitcoin and it’s called CoinRPG. Astutely put, this roleplaying game (RPG) lets players participate in a massively multiplayer online (MMO) universe filled with coins."
SegmentNext writes: "Steam Greenlight projects are a dime a dozen, but Dragon Fin Soup’s pitch is pretty catchy at least. This PC title invokes a theme known from Japanese roleplaying games (JRPG) and builds it into a fairy tale universe with plenty of auxiliary designs."
GG3 reports on more game deals. With DailyIndieGame, there's a new store to get cheap Steam games. Still, it also offers anyone free games, simply by signing up and waiting for a copy. That's pretty damn great.
SegmentNext reports on the early access release for Men of War: Assault Squad 2, which is available to people who bought the game ahead of release. Additionally, the developer has promised that free updates will be coming.
GG3 picks up more deals from the internet. While there are several outlets cutting the price for the Steam version of Thief, none are currently better than Gamefly, which also helps Europeans bypass the heightened Euro price.