GG3 writes: "Fans of Diablo who didn’t get what they really were yearning for in the spectacle that is Diablo III can maybe migrate to Grim Dawn, which just released its Act II update. Now, the Early Access PC title on Steam is twice as big."
GG3 gets the latest news from Iceberg Interactive. Their Early Access Steam game Starpoint Gemini 2 is still steadily getting developed and has released a few new screenshots to prove it.
Dutch developer Abbey Games, known from indie sim hit Reus, has announced the randomly generated exploration game Renowned Explorers: International Society. It will release for PC and be inspired by XCOM and Fire Emblem. Images and logos are provided with the announcement.
GG3 finds out more game deals. In the latest promotion from digital distribution site Gamersgate, Rockstar Games has assembled a lineup of titles that can be bundled together for a cheap price.
GG3 gets the latest news from publisher Iceberg Interactive. Their sparkly vehicular combat game Gas Guzzlers Extreme has added more options to let users control their experience. This comes with a few new screenshots.
SegmentNext picks up on the latest deal from IndieGameStand. Its current offering is Hero Siege, an arcade roguelike with random dungeons and enemies, like Diablo, but in cute yet deadly pixel art. Steam keys are up for just $1!
SegmentNext picks up the news of simulation builder Bandished's release. It's out now on most PC digital distribution sites, so here are the three best, with a range of their advantages.
GG3 gets some more gameplay sessions in right before the final bell. For one more day, the Be Mine 11 bundle from Groupees has a tremendous value, with some recent Steam releases. From its selection, social media simulation Redshirt provides the backdrop to discuss more games.