The Lord of the Rings has been a staple in videogames

since the release of Peter Jackson’s feature films. The first

game to capitalize on the story’s mainstream success was

2002’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The game

was released on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube. It

became one of the bestselling games of the year. But how

does this story of Middle Earth play today?
Today on Gaming With Killatia we take a look at the sequel to the SNES puzzle game Tetris Attack for the Nintendo 64 Pokemon Puzzle League. Does this game has any lasting power now that its not lying about what kind of puzzle game it is? Watch to find out!

And what does a relaxing Pikachu have to do with a puzzle game? not much just thought it would make a great thumbnail for the video.
Gaming Retrospective celebrates the older classics of gaming history while comparing how well they hold up today. You’ll also find links to recommended mods to help you achieve the best possible experience.
Dune II, considered the original RTS game, is now free to play in your browser. How does the decades old gameplay hold up?
There are not too terribly many Game Gear titles that are Japan exclusives that require extensive knowledge of the language to play. One more title, Royal Stone, has been taken off of that list and is now available in English thanks to Aeon Genesis for providing this fan translation.
The Mega Man series is a pivotal series, one that definintely helped Nintendo solidify their lead against the more powerful Sega Genesis and NEC Turbo Grafx-16 back in the day. Capcom knew what they had on their hands, and many would say they milked the hell out of it. While this is not an official game, this is a ROM hack, a game that is made using another game as the base and replacing somethin
This one has been making the rounds for a fair while now but we felt it needed to be brought to our readers attention. Super Crate Box was pretty popular but how many of you knew there is a version for the Commodore 64? Yep, Super Bread Box is an official conversion to the, retail defunct, Commodore 64 and boy does it pack a punch.
When you think of the Atari 2600 you probably don’t think of action/puzzle games. That is exactly what Legends is though, an action/puzzle game with a horror austhetic that runs wild with the iconic imagery.