In this first episode of a new video series on, Aaron's tackling a retro game he's never played before, System Shock 2 for the PC.
Aaron from has been having a rough go of things lately, and his unlikely hero is You Don't Know Jack, a game that regularly insults him.
Retro titles around here are all great and fun but we have tried to keep away from simply flooding the site with yet more reviews of titles that have been covered time and time again on countless other sites in favor of focusing on finding original content we think our readers will enjoy. Original content such as this game, Knil, a new indie NES title that is definitely still a work in progress
Welcome back to Wacky Wednesday, where we ask the all-important question: “What the F&@!?” Today we’re looking at an accessory destined to rock the gaming world, to ensure that you dominated each and every alien invader, koopa troopa, and loathsome Communist oppressor who crossed your path. We love it. It’s so bad. And it’s not the Power Glove. It’s the Thumb Master!
Aaron from took a fun look at some terrible video game intros a while back, now he's at it again! Here are 11 more hilariously bad intros in games.
Retro video gamers that have been playing for awhile will undoubtedly acquire a large number of titles across many platforms. While the Apps we are featuring here don’t cover ALL possible retro platforms, they do cover a good breadth of the more popular, and smaller (read- easier to complete), platforms.
Aaron from was in a crappy internet video reviewing Max Payne for the PC. Funny as hell, it was the most horrible thing he could think of.
So here’s the deal: each week (on Wednesday, assuming we can beat our lazy editors hard enough), we’re going to bring you a look at something silly, weird, or downright bizarre involving Nintendo. It might be an ad, it might be a screenshot with some strange dialog, it might be game packaging, it might involve copious amounts of cringe-inducing nudity and/or innuendo (probably not, but you never