Another Japanese exclusive release for the Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo Famicom in Japan), Mappy Kids, is now available in English thanks to dedicated fans.
MonkeyPaw Games, the good folks that brought you back Tomba , The Rapid Angel and…ugh…Chou Aniki brings in the new year by releasing a PlayStation import game a week, for six weeks.
It’s the second match of the quarter-finals on The Last One-Up! Jacean takes on Mandoor in a game highly appropriate for Christmas – Die Hard Trilogy for the Playstation!
Blizzard are showing some cool love for retro gamers by recently adding their Super Nintendo classic, Blackthorne, to for free. This is possibly the first of many titles that could hit the free gaming service in the future and is an awesome release for retro fans.
We have already mentioned Sacred Line: Genesis, a new Sega Genesis digital comic/adventure title, but here is our official preview of the game based on hands on play time. We will have a review available soon. If you have played titles in this genre like the unofficial Silent Hill game or Snatcher than you know what to expect here. This game and the SH game both use the same engine while Sacre
Back in the earlier days of gaming, cross platform releases in North America were kind of rare. It was not with every release that every viable platform, and some not so viable, got a version at the same time. Take Operation Wolf from Taito for example, it was released in arcades first, then the Nintendo NES and that ended the home ports to consoles. See, during this time, Nintendo had a strangle
At a time when scrolling shooters had about three frames of animation for the player ship (resting, moving up and moving down) Atlus saw fit to release a game that featured a tranforming robot/ship that had many more frames of animation. BlaZeon also gave the player slight control over some enemy ships.
Aaron and Hor-Hay play the cult classic Countdown Vampires for the Playstation, a game about an ex-murderer-turned-rent-a-cop who’s on a quest to be the most half-naked man ever.