GG3 gets news from the current legal engagements between SNK and Tommo Inc. and their NeoGeo X console. The manufacturer has denied that it is in breach of contract and it stated it will continue support, which was backed by Funstock.
Previously I did a post for Throwback Thursday of titles that I wish would make a come back, but mind you it is wishful thinking. However there have been many great titles that should of either received a sequel or been remade with the graphics we have acquired now. I think these titles deserve that shot, but without further delay, please enjoy the list.
Time Trax, the television show, covers the adventures of law enforcement officer, Darien Lambert, from 2193 who is tasked with traveling back in time to bring back criminals that have escaped the future. Notable here was the product placement of AT&T Mastercard that was this shows “Ziggy”.
Pulling elements from other games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Legend Returns, can be thought of as a porrly designed Streets of Rage clone, of sorts. There are glitches and errors and the graphics are slightly ‘off’ but for what it is worth, it is a new TMNT title.
Elansar features over 30 locations depicted in 117 true color pictures that are extremely detailed. This game also supports the Atari and Amiga mice if you have them available.
The Atari Lynx was one of the systems to die at the feet of the venerable Nintendo Game Boy (as chronicled here). The Lynx was released during a time that Atari was coming off the slow demise of the Atari 7800 (another system they handled extremely badly). This should have left Atari open to focus but they found ways to screw that up.
Hard Drivin’ was one of those arcade games that was simply amazing for arcade goers of the time. From the cabinet to the game play, it was quite revolutionary for the time. Sure, now it doesn’t look like much but back then, it was quite a challenge to get good at it (HD was not a cheap game to play).
Whats This? Part 4 of the Power Rangers Gaming Retrospective is here? About time right? This time its the Sega Genesis version of Power Rangers the Movie the game!