It seems that 2013 is going to be the year of visual novels on the Sega Genesis console as I just found out about another one (the other being Silent Hill). This one is called Sacred Line: Genesis, it uses the same engine as the Silent Hill game (GINCS) and just like that illegitimate Konami game, looks awesome on the Sega hardware. This is a beta, not really finished and contains typos and oth
Aaron from faces Cthulhu, Rob Schneider, and shooting himself in the foot as he braves one of the worst FMV games ever made: A Fork in the Tale, for the PC.
Suikoden was one of those surprise releases on Playstation One back in the mid to late 1990′s from Konami. Having been lucky enough to play it when it first released helps with understanding the value of this fan translation of volume 2 of the digital/visual novels (think Choose Your Own Adventure books but in a game). Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no Kettou is now available thanks to
Block Out was one such new take on a popular genre, the falling block puzzle game that Tetris popularized. Electronic Arts released it on the Sega Genesis early in their publishing career on consoles (they weren’t always the juggernaut they are today). American Technos was the planned publisher of Block on the Nintendo Entertainment System but it never materialized past a prototype showing at the
Aaron from Leviathyn wanders around the Skyview amusement park looking for tokens, oracles, and weird laughs as he takes on a classic, hard-to-run FMV game from 1995, Panic in the Park.
The Last One-Up, the best gaming reality show to hit the web keeps going strong as Archangel Lush and Jacean battle it out to see who gets to continue, and who gets eliminated. Stay tuned until after the credits to vote on which game will be played next!

When most people think "retro" there's no doubt that the little blue buster comes to mind. Mega Man has been longing for a standalone for years. With the most recent revamp of the Street Fighter X Mega Man game, fans couldn't get enough of our famed hero. Now, he's getting a second chance.
The game is a must have for lovers of both western RPG and JRPG , it’s a grand adventure soulfully packed with great stories and tush kickingly delicious combat, so please treat yourself to some RPG goodness for goodness sake.