Aaron from Leviathyn.com ninja suits up, and prepares to fight Garuda, evil master of expensive laser light shows. This is Shadow of the Ninja for the NES.
A number of classic console emulators will be available for the Ouya at launch, taking the console to a new level for fans of retro games.
Many people bemoan the micro transaction model that has been accepted by many game publishers with the advent of mobile gaming devices such as the iPhone and Android phones and tablets. There are many arguments about why publishers like this business model so much, one of the most prolific being anti-piracy steps – what is there to steal if the game is free and the only way to get “In App Purcha
KWWW is a comedic homage to Konami action titles. Konami has done this before with the Parodious series of games, another series that never reached North America. Rather than poking fun at shooters like Parodious, Konami Wai Wai World is all about the action games they produced, the most notable to North American gamers is probably Castlevania.
In The Save Files’ 25th episode, Aaron is the 7th guest at a haunted house and has to endure all of the puzzles and dangers therein. Can he survive the house and finish his review of The 11th Hour?
From water levels that give you a fear of drowning, to the bear pits of Tomb Raider, Laura takes a look at five things that frightened us as young gamers.
Aaron from Leviathyn.com teams up with the greatest evil force known to mankind, high schoolers. This is Revelations: Persona for the Playstation.
Nintendo was still new to the sequel rituals when they released Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES, and boy did they go away from the norm for what a sequel was supposed to be. Being almost a complete departure from the original NES title, in Japan the title used for the US SMB2 was a completely different title, what was there in the North American version barely said this was a Mario title. Barely.