Taking place seven years after the original Castlevania, this installment takes a rather large departure from what fans knew from the first title. Simon is on a pilgrimage to visit his family’s resting place and meets a lady that tells him that Dracula has placed a curse on the Belmont family (bummer). Unlike the first title, Simon’s Quest is more of an adventure title than action oriented – Si
It’s April 10th, 1996, and you walk into your favorite game store. When what to your wondering eyes should appear on the New Release shelf but a compilation of six arcade games from your youth! Amazed at the opportunity to relive these classics, you whip out that cash and take home the black-backed CD, wondering if nostalgia really is all its cracked up to be. Later when you’re sitting in fron
Aaron from Leviathyn.com grabs a shotgun and a crank with a square-shaped end and tries to survive the entire Resident Evil series.
R-Type showed me the importance of the potent combination of learning (through failing), practiced skill, persistence, and patience.
Some things are such obviously bad ideas that we don’t even bother considering them unless it’s a matter of life and death. They aren’t things we have to consciously reject; without someone pointing them out, they’re not even going to pop up on our radar (which is why a guy can walk past a full sink a dozen times and fail to think “I should load the dishwasher”, but cannot resist the urge to che
Today in retro gaming, we’re…wait, WHAT?! You’ve got to be kidding me. I am not writing about this–even I have standards. My editor has gone off the rails on a crazy train. Triverse, I’m not writing about this game, and there’s nothing you–what do you mean, “hostage situation”? You’re joking! You’re not joking… Ooooookaaaaaaay, right. Uh, today in retro gaming, Ubisoft released “Hooters R
In this episode of Retro Recon, Aaron from Leviathyn.com takes a look at a Japanese Nintendo game that was the precursor to Resident Evil! Take a tour with him through this not-so Sweet Home!
Today in Retro Gaming, we…erm…well, let’s just say we mark the day The Raven Project was released on an unsuspecting UK populace. March 25, 1997 probably isn’t a day worth marking a calendar over, but we’re doing it here at Gaming on Sony so you never, ever make the mistake of picking up this turd. Not that the ad we’re featuring would have inspired you anyway.