Today on Gaming with Killatia we take a look at the lastes tales game to hit the USA Tales of Xillia
If you pre-ordered your Sony PlayStation 4 and were worried about waiting for the shipping, worry no longer.
Daav from NoobFeed jumps into the world of Tales of Xillia, which shows that it's surprisingly well-adjusted with the times. The game is filled with exploration, tight and versatile combat and great dialogue, among many other things.
Sony announced a slew of indie console exclusive releases planned for the PS4, PS Vita, and even some PS3 titles at this year’s Gamescom. There are some big titles planned as Volume, Mike Bithell’s followup to Thomas Was Alone, will debut exclusively on PS4 and Vita. Muse Games is planning an exclusive console port of Guns of Icarus for the PS4. Vlambeer is bringing their next title Wasteland Kin
Sony has struck a deal with Viacom for an Internet TV service, that will be provided on Sony products, including Playstation brands, but does this news mean another Xbox One reveal?
Sony has hinted at the gaming community that they will reveal a release date for the upcoming Playstation 4 at gamescon this week.
Sony has announced its upcoming title, EverQuest Next, which seeks to revolutionize how players play. The game will allow players to be part of the development team by creating new game elements and have them incorporated into the game.
Wow that’s a mouthful. Even though we’re all excited about Kingdom Hearts III I’m not going to lie about and say I’m not excited Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix.