After many teases Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered is now available in North America.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered is available on the PlayStation 3, while you can purchase the Collector’s edition from the Square Enix Online Store for $79.99. The PlayStation Vita version includes Final Fantasy X HD on the game card and Final Fantasy X-2 HD will be downloadable from the PlayStation store.
GG3 gets more news from MonkeyPaw Games. Together with partner Gaijinworks, they're running a poll to gauge interest for a possible rare physical release of PS3 exclusive RPG Class of Heroes 2G.
Remember Killatia's review of the original Tales of Symphonia form 2 years ago? Well now he's checking out how good Bandai Namco di with HD re released verison Known as Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. Not only is the Classic Gmecube rpg is here but also the Wii Sequel Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World. How do they fair in the HD era? Watch to find out!
Check out how you can win a free copy of the PlayStation 3 version of Strider. Oh, it's the Japanese version and the only one available on disc. Click the link for the full details.
Futurelab has come out with a new puzzle game for the Vita, that involves music and colours, lots and lots of colours.
Daav from SegmentNext takes on the Playstation 3 exclusive Ace Combat Infinity for a Beta preview. This free-to-play game has some extensive enhancement designs to go with the simple arcade style, but hopefully it's not destroyed by monetization. Then, it could be a powerful game.
A while ago we reviewed Velocity for the PlayStation 3/PSP and Future Labs have released their PlayStation 4 Alpha Screenshots for the upcoming Velocity 2X.
If you’ve been keeping track of news surrounding Lightning Returns, you’ll likely have seen the DLC surrounding the game. These consist primarily of various costumes and outfits belonging to various other titles, usually the franchise’s most popular characters, but the latest of these went a step further. Rather than having her rob Titus’ or Squall’s wardrobes, Lightning’s latest trailer has her