SegmentNext writes: "While we’re all waiting on their immense portfolio, publisher Nordic Games have released Legend of Kay on Playstation Network. This is the Playstation 2 classic, which is available now for €4.99 in Europe."
SegmentNext gets some spicy additional details for Ready to Run, the newly announced racing game for Playstation 4. Developer Beatshapers has announced that the teaser does represent in-game footage. Looks shiny!
GG3 gets the latest news for Payday 2. Those who own the shooter on Playstation 3 and live in North America can now receive a free Sweet Tooth mask. This DLC is tied to PS3 as Twisted Metal is a Playstation exclusive. Some screens are provided.
GG3 picks up the latest news for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Sony and Gamestop are joining hands and offering gamers a custom controller for the game exclusively available through Gamestop.
Today at CES 2014, Sony unveiled their official games streaming service call PlayStation Now, which will allow users to play "classic" PlayStation games to be played on either a PlayStation 4, or other non-gaming platforms. PlayStation Now is from the makers of Gaikai, who Sony purchased for $380 million back in 2012. The core concept…
I swear it was not until after the DDR craze where I got into handheld rhythm games on my psp, but that came later with my friends in the PSPnation back in the day. Now there is a new rhythm game in town that features some funky martial arts and great mix of music that I didn't expect to be used in a game.
Evil can take on many forms and definitely can make the purist of hearts corrupt, but what if you are already born with evil intent? How would you make humans suffer? It comes down to the way you set your traps of course, but here is the preview you are looking for.
This is Gamer Attitudes Zen Pinball 2 Review. Is Zen still the King of Pinball or has it lost it`s touch while transferring to Nex-Gen. Let`s find out!