A couple of new screenshots of bikini-clad Dead or Alive 5 characters were released today by Tecmo Koei featuring Lisa Hamilton and Sarah Bryant.
Turtle Cream and Pig-Min Agency have been more than satisfied with their initial sales through Steam for Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory.
Daav from NoobFeed.com dives into the the newest MMO shooter from Sony Online Entertainment. Planetside 2 has barricades, but past that stands an enthralling battlefield on a gargantuan scale. It's hard to believe it's free as well.
"Experienced gamers tend to rag on a corner of the simulation market that's especially catered to young girls, a corner that Ubisoft has heavily bought into the last number of years with the Imagine series. Generally these games don't have much to them yet still make for interesting enough distractions for those just making their way into gaming." -- Wiiloveit.com
Curve Studios’ brilliant action sneak-‘em-up Stealth Bastard is now available on Steam stores worldwide. A fully developed version of the studio’s acclaimed free prototype which has been downloaded more than 135,000 times – launches with a 10 percent discount for the first seven days.
"Did you hear about the new Fort Wasteland in Disney Epic Mickey 2? Check out the latest assets for the location." -- Wiiloveit.com
Disney unveiled a new batch of screens earlier today showing off another area in the game called "Fort Wasteland."
Doom & Destiny is an Xbox LIVE Indie Game that not only pays tribute to old school RPGs, but everything nerdy. It is a turn-based roleplaying game which, unfortunately, is a rarity among newly released video games these days.