If you already paid for Xbox LIve Gold in June but wish to cancel, Microsoft is offering to refund your money. Refunds will be available in all countries starting in June.
The new Watch Dogs trailer is out. The Watch Dogs 101 Trailer is a quick guide to everything you need to know about the upcoming game.
The GOG Spring Insomnia Sale has launched. The sale heavily discounts 100 games, one at a time in limited quantities. Games to be discounted include Papers Please and Broken Age.
The Last Tinker is a gorgeous, harmless romp of a game with lots of charm, but this may be a game best suited for children old enough not to re-enact Koru’s fighting moves on their siblings.
Recently Nintendo has been under fire for their new game Tomodachi Life, a game that is supposed to be a quirky way of simulating your boring life. The recent controversy is about the fact that in this game a “bug” has been removed that allowed same-sex relationships. Same-sex = Bug. See where it goes a little nutty?
I took a journey in Zombie Studios’ latest horror game Daylight. The game starts you off as a young woman named Sarah, who has awakened on the ground in what appears to be a broken down mental institution. With just your cellphone light, a few glow sticks and flares, you must solve the mystery of what occurred to the people in the institute.
The freshly released details regarding Destiny’s game modes, points towards a completely different direction. The five game modes appeal to originality and innovation but after a close analysis, I concluded that they're simply masking a tough reality. So far, Destiny appears to be nothing more than a traditional MMO.
Demoniac is probably the best word to define Bound by Flame, the upcoming action-RPG game from Spiders and Focus Entertainment, since the whole game revolves around the protagonist and his inner demon. But the real question is. What does it take to be a demon?