Chris Fleck writes "E3 is an event where videogame makers from around the world gather to show off their upcoming games. There are also thousands of journalists reporting from the event. This makes it the perfect venue to show the videogames they’ve been working on for the first time. As the event grows near, every gamer can’t help but wonder what new games will be revealed. Everyone has their
What can we do to fix the glut of AAA titles that increasingly seem like a chore to get through? How do we recover our hobby from the boredom of boardroom thinking?
The Kickstarter campaign for the sequel to Wasteland has concluded. The developer, inXile Entertainment, has announced the turn-based RPG will see the light come August 2014. Hit the link for more details.
Ubisoft has confirmed via their Twitter account that we will indeed see Child of Light on the PS Vita. The game has been available for consoles since April 29th, and will be available to purchase on the PS Vita system starting July 1st in the US, and July 2nd in Europe.
Supergiant Games, creators of the highly acclaimed title Bastion, bring us another unique and fresh experience in their latest action-RPG game, Transistor. Transistor drops you into the world of Cloudbank, where every location and structure is analogous to computer circuitry, and every action deftly mirrors programing functions
Information accidentally posted on Uplay reveal the plot and characters of the upcoming Far Cry 4. Although it was taken down by Ubisoft shortly after, it was recorded and made available to the public.
A double combo today with a video and written article.

Freaking Meatbags is certainly a weird name, if not a very accurate name for a game that contains lots of lazy humans that need rescuing from the clutches of evil robots.
Braum, the Heart of the Freljord is the newest champion to be released on League of Legends. According to his lore, Braum is a goat herder by occupation but he looks a lot more like a brawler that would be involved in old time fisticuffs with his muscled frame and large mustache. Braum is classified as a support tank and is a lot of fun to play.