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PS Vita TV will now support select PS4 games with more slated for later this year. Although it is currently only available in Japan, promising sales may prompt Sony to send it overseas.
It’s no secret that Riot often neglects Dominion when it comes to balancing issues and as a result, you tend to see many of the same champions game after game. Some champions are quite overpowered while others are just downright annoying to play against due to the cheesy play style their kit encourages. Here are the top five most hated champions to face in Dominion.
Nintendo changes it's policy on same-sex relationships, but not in this installation. Nintendo says that they would like their games to more accurately reflect their player base but it was too late in development to add it in the latest title.
Stealth aims to disseminate information, create general awareness, and engender appreciation of world class international artists, architects, interior designers and fashion experts across Southeast Asia. The auction is live for bidding on Paddle8 through May 17. On the occasion of the auction, we asked Robbie Antonio, Stealth’s founder and one of Southeast Asia’s biggest collectors for insight i
Expectation of this years E3 have been leaked and we can now see what to expect from Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo this year!
Titanfall promised to deliver fresh yet familiar gameplay to a very saturated first-person shooter market. It succeeded in some ways and fell short in many others. Here are three good things and three bad things about Titanfall.

The Last Tinker is one of those games many people look as if they would skip in an instant. Between the cartoony design, bright colours and storybook plot, it sounds like something for the younger generation to take interest in. While that is true at least in part, The Last Tinker is far more than that and it would be a mistake to overlook this one. Citing the likes of Banjo Kazooie and the origi