Romance is one of the several options that Bound by Flame has to offer with its interactive companion system. To romance male companions, you need to play a female hero and you need to complete a series of personal quests. Learn how to romance them.
This week on the Paranerds Podcast, the Paranerds speak about Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Bust a Groove 2, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Lego Batman 2 along with new releases and News (see below). Kevin then once again steps on his soapbox about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and the recent controversy with Nintendo and Tomodachi Life in relation to same-sex r
To slay the main Concubine known as the Guardian, Vulcan has to kill her minor daughters, the Creator, the Stalker and the Watcher. The combat style for all of them are quite similar, what differs is each boss attack damage and health. Learn how to take down these promiscuous deities.
Bound by Flame is the new action-RPG from Spiders and Focus Entertainment and it presents four difficulty game modes, each one with a very specific game style. Here’s an extensive guide unveiling the best ways to make tons of gold easily and fast.
Leviathyn reviews the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us, another entry that fails to match the high standard set by its predecessor.
The new gameplay trailer shows off the fully-destructible environments that are powered by the CryEngine 3. Armored Warfare is currently in closed beta.
The Evil Within has been pushed back a month and will now be releasing on Oct. 21. The delay will allow time to further polish the game.
We love making up games and game ideas and predictions, we’ve done it for E3 2010 (Eventually most of the games on that list did come true), 2011 and 2012 and forgot 2013. Since E3 is pretty much the big day for gaming, it usually comes with a boatload of titles that will be announced. We usually know some by rumors or leaks but sometimes they throw a curve ball. Either way these are the Top Ten